Is lubrication a hard process?
The process is not hard but you still have to follow instructions and consult the experts at Garage Door Repair Phoenix because you must pick the right lubricants and gather information. You must lubricate the mechanical garage door parts but you need to find out the exact portion and frequency needed. If you don’t lubricate them properly or overdo it, you will have the opposite results. Hence, lubrication maintenance is not hard but requires attention.

Why does the garage door keep opening?
If you are trying to close the garage door but it keeps opening, you need to check the opener. Sometimes the reverse system is activated when there is no obstacle under the garage door. Check the area under the door and remember that the sun may also affect their good operation. If the lights on the sensors are blinking, you may need garage door sensors replacement.

Why should I install garage door windows?
Garage door windows are excellent aesthetically and will bring natural light in the garage. It will make sense to install them if you spend time or work in the garage and you don’t want to install glass doors. They would be lovely if you have a nice view in front of your house in Phoenix but must be careful with installation and during garage door repair services. If not installed properly, they will compromise insulation.

How do I protect the door from water damage?
Both wood and metal doors should be stained with an appropriate material. Our specialists recommend that a bottom seal is installed as well. Weather strips should be installed on the sides and on the top of the door.

Do I have to get new tracks along with the new door?
Most overhead garage doors come with tracks. If yours doesn’t, make sure you get new ones. Keeping the old ones is not a good idea even if they are in good condition. Garage door tracks, which have been used for some time, do have dents! The door’s movement will be smoother with the new tracks. Our experts remind you that you must choose the right size for your door.

How can I test the force of my overhead door?
All you have to do is to press the wall switch and let the overhead garage door come down. When it has come down to your waste height, put your hands at the bottom part as you would want to stop or hold it. It should stop moving and reverse back. If it doesn’t, remove your hands immediately and have the garage door opener reverse system repaired.

Will our opener work on other garage doors as well?
No, or at least it should not! The door’s opener works on a frequency and is designed to prevent it from working on other doors!

How do I know my safety sensors are not working?
When you put an object under your garage door and try to close it, it should not close fully. If it does, that means your safety sensors are not working!

Questions for Garage Door Repair in Pheonix