Garage Door Springs

Extension and torsion springs are the main two groups of garage door springs. There are plenty of differences between them and still several differences between springs used for standard residential sectional or one piece doors. Although average doors would carry only one torsion spring or a pair of extension springs, larger doors might need two torsion springs. Our experienced garage door repair professionals can help you take such serious decisions and provide the required services. With springs being the parts, which actually move the door, the right choice and proper installation play a great role in the proper operation of the system and your safety. You can trust our company to handle all that for you, from helping you measure the existing springs to ordering new ones, replacing, installing and repairing springs, you can depend on our team.

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Garage Door SpringsDuring their short lifespan, garage door springs have one job to do. This is to counterbalance the door so that it will open evenly and easily. Each type of spring works in a different way. Connected with cables and pulleys, the two extension springs are installed on each side of the door and contract and extend in order to lift and lower the door. The torsion spring is installed above the header and winds and unwinds in order to move the door. It is stretched across a metal shaft and transfers its power to the cable. When any of these parts connected to the springs or the springs themselves are damaged, the door won’t be able to open or remain open. In such cases, our experts can help.

When there is need for emergency garage door spring repair services, our professionals try to assist in a timely manner. Our company can order new springs if the existing ones are broken or must be replaced anyway. Whether they are broken or not, our technicians can replace springs and their parts. Apart from replacing springs, we also replace damaged bearings, brackets, cones, pulleys and cables. In an attempt to help customers avoid accidents caused by snapped springs, our company installs safety cables, and provides emergency same day torsion and extension spring repair.

Spring repairs are risky and that’s why you should always trust our professionals even if you need broken spring replacement in which case there is no spring tension. Proper spring installation is vital to the good performance of the door and to your safety. Our technicians are trained to repair, replace, adjust and install all kinds of springs and are here to offer fast response services.

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