We are a residential garage door service that offers everything from installations and upgrades to fully comprehensive services and repairs. Our services are unrivaled, our prices unbeatable. Our customers are all satisfied with our services. We believe that garages are an essential part of your home security, and as such, strive to deliver the highest quality performance on every job. Our highly skilled staff at Garage Door Repair Phoenix knows its way around every type of opener from today’s leading manufacturers, and is constantly developing their techniques and knowledge to provide you with the best service that they can. Do you need repairs urgently? As an emergency garage door company, we deliver fast and affordable repairs for any system, because our company knows that you probably didn’t plan on having your opener give in.

Our transparent billing will allow you to see where the costs are coming from, and the job will be underway in time for you to get on with your day.

main-coupon-phoenixThe need for garage door opener repair is a major security threat which you don’t want to leave unattended. If you are worried about leaving a damaged door to go about your business, you can be assured that our team of professionals will respond to your call quickly, from anywhere in Arizona. Are you looking for installations and upgrades? Our business is a great place to start looking for openers. We are proficient in the installation of all major types of systems and motors. Speaking to one of our specialists can help customers who are looking for garage doors in Phoenix decide and identify which opening systems would be best for them, depending on their space, budget and requirements.

For those who are looking to upgrade their existing electric door openers, we can install new motors, receivers, springs, panels, sensors and more. Our technicians work with some of the best tech and gadgetry available that could revolutionize the way your doors work for you. The garage is my office and they made it better “As my business grew, I found it increasingly difficult as time went on, to track the movement of people in and out of my offices since the main entrance was in my garage. Initially I, or my PA would let people in ourselves, but this became Garage Door Repair Phoenix, AZvery tedious and it interrupted my workflow far too much. So then I had remotes made for each of my reps, and this worked but they kept losing them. Eventually I contacted Garage Door Repair Phoenix and they installed a system that would only let my employees in if I had linked their phones to my opener. I haven’t given the garage door much thought since, and it’s great.”

Customers in zip code 85048 can rely on the garage door repair services offered by our company. We fix and replace parts and openers, repair panels, install new doors and offer emergency services. From garage door replacement to the adjustment of sensors and overhead door maintenance, you can depend on us


I called up Garage Door Repair Phoenix at 9AM on a Saturday morning when we were just about to head out for the weekend. I suspect the spring had broken and the door was just not opening and the family was getting impatient. The technician said he will arrive in less than an hour and I explained the situation to him. Read More

Parts Which Need Regular Testing

If you frequently test the garage door’s balance, its travel limit and the reverse system, you will know which repairs are required and therefore avoid accidents Read More

Get the Right Garage Door Parts

Choose the right size garage door parts and make sure they are of good quality to spare yourself from dealing with problems and getting hurt Read More

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