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Common Garage Door Questions

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Common Garage Door Questions

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How much do you know about your automatic garage door? Here we give you the opportunity to learn new and useful things in an easy and convenient way. Take advantage of what’s on offer to learn about your garage door.

Is lubrication a difficult process?

The process is not hard, but you still have to follow instructions carefully. You must lubricate the mechanical parts but you need to find out the exact portion and frequency needed. If you don’t lubricate them properly or use too much grease, you could actually cause more harm than good. Our experts at Garage Door Repair Phoenix can help you pick the right lubricant and make sure you apply the right amount of it.

Why does my garage door keep opening?

If you are trying to close your door but it keeps opening back up, you need to check the opener. If the safety sensors are misaligned they can cause the door to reverse even though there is nothing under it. If that is the case, you need to have a technician realign them, as their lenses are quite delicate and you can accidentally damage them unintentionally.

How do I protect my garage door from water damage?

Both wood and metal doors should be applied with an appropriate coating that will keep them safe from moisture. Our specialists recommend that you have a bottom weather seal installed as well. Weather strips should be installed on the sides and on the top of the door, and their condition should be checked periodically to make sure they haven’t worn out.

Do I have to get new tracks if I’m getting a new garage door?

Most overhead doors come with their own tracks. If yours doesn’t, make sure you get new ones installed. Keeping the old ones is not a good idea even if they are in good condition. The tracks must match your door perfectly, otherwise, the chances of a malfunction will increase dramatically.

How can I test the force of my overhead door?

You can place a cardboard box under your door and then use your opener to order the system to close. Your door should stop moving and reverse when it comes in contact with the box. If it doesn’t, your opener’s force limit needs to be adjusted. Our technicians can help you with that.

Will my opener work with a different garage door?

That depends. Every opener is capable of producing a different amount of horsepower, and each door requires a certain minimum in order to move smoothly. If your current opener can create enough horsepower to move your new door, and it isn’t too old, then you may be able to continue using it.


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