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Basic Garage Door Tips

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Basic Garage Door Tips

Need a helpful tip? Check out our informative tips page!

Our popular and informative tips page is the first place to look for qualified answers to many common garage door problems. Check it out by scrolling down here for useful and interesting information to keep your garage door operating perfectly.

Consider installing a backup battery

Garage door opener need a constant power supply. It used to be that when the power went out, you could either stay home and wait for it to return, or leave through your garage using the emergency release cord. But now there's another alternative - a backup battery system.  This will allow you to keep using your opener even during a power outage.

Clear the clutter

Garages often become places where things we no longer use or need go to die. It's fine to use your garage as a storage room but try and keep things neatly on shelves or boxed up. Most importantly, keep them as far away from the door as possible. Not only will keeping your garage neat and tidy make it more pleasant for you to be inside, it can also help you avoid some issues that result from dust or debris.

Inspect the garage door panels for damage frequently

Start from the bottom up, as the bottom panel is more likely to have scratches, dents, and similar issues. If you notice any damages, get in touch with our experts right away. While rust is fairly easy to clean, you must also take measures to protect the panels from it. Repainting them regularly will certainly help. Just make sure that you use a suitable exterior-grade paint.

Check the opener’s travel limit if your door won’t close all the way

If your door leaves a gap or slams into the floor when it closes, the opener’s travel limit needs to be adjusted. Your owner’s manual should tell you how to adjust these settings. However, if you feel that you cannot manage or don’t want to risk damaging something, our specialists will be more than happy to help you out.

The advantages of an insulated garage door

If you have the option, invest in an insulated garage door. Energy costs can be quite high these days and it is important to save money every way you can. Even if your actual garage is not insulated, you will still be able to reap some of the benefits that an insulated door has to offer.



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